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Fluorocarbon O-Ring

Fluorocarbon O-Ring

The color of Fluorocarbon O-Ring can be brown, green and black


What is Fluorocarbon O-Ring?

Fluorocarbon O-ring also called Viton® O-ring and FKM O-ring. Fluorocarbon O-ring offers excellent chemical and temperature resistance and are available in a wide variety of FKM types and formulations. Standard AS568 imperial, metric and non-standard Fluorocarbon O-ring sizes are kept in stock, and custom Fluorocarbon o-rings are typically available with no tooling fees and rush deliviers.

Fluorocarbon O-ring is also available for durometer hardness, colors, food and medical grade, high pressure, and explosive decompression resistance. Fluorocarbon O-ring is widely used in chemical, aerospace and industrial applications, but are not recommended for use with steam, amines, or polar solvents.

FKM Viton O-ring

Common Fluorocarbon Names:

Viton®, FKM, FPM (Europe), Fluoropolymer, Fluoroelastomer.

Features and Benefits of Fluorocarbon O-Ring

Fluorocarbon O-ring has good resistance to oxygen, ozone, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fuels, and many other solvents and chemicals, as well as radiation. Fluorocarbon O-ring can normally withstand temperatures from -27°C to 225°C. It also has good resist compression set and weathering, extending maintenance intervals and protecting against seal failure. It Offers low gas permeability and outgassing rates for reliable service in space and other vacuum applications and performs well in advanced automotive and aerospace fuel systems

Limitations of Fluorocarbon Viton® O-Rings

Fluorocarbon O-ring can not be used for Ketones (MEK,and Acetone) and Skydrol fluids, Amines and Anhydrous Ammonia. It has Low molecular weight esters and ethers. Hot hydrofluoric or chlorosulfonic acids and low molecular weight organic acids (formic and acetic acids). Polar solvents, low molecular weight organic solvents and glycol-based brake fluids.

Fluorocarbon O-Ring Temperature Range

The Fluorocarbon O-ring can work from -17°F (-27°C) to 437o F (225°C)
Specialty formulations, Low Temperature: -67°F (-55°C)
Specialty formulations, High Temperature: 450°F (232°C)

Applications of Fluorocarbon O-Ring

Fluorocarbon O-ring is pefectly used for water reclamation from oil and gas exploration, Landfill wastewater, Medical dental waste water, Food Industry, Dairy Industry, Pharma Industry, Chemical Industry, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing.

Fluorocarbon O-Ring Properties

FKM compound Hardness shore A Rubber Color Temp rang (°C) Tensile strength (mpa) Elongation at break (%)
F1000 75 Black -26 to 210 12 180
F1002 75 Black -26 to 210 11 130
F1003 75 Brown -40 to 210 10.5 185
F1004 90 Black -26 to 210 10 121
F1005 50 Black -26 to 210 5 297
F1006 60 Black -26 to 210 7 270


Testing FKM O-ring