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What is Fluorosilicone Rubber


What is Fluorosilicone Rubber?

Fluorosilicone rubber (also known as fluorinated silicone rubber) is a widely used synthetic elastomer that can be used to service a wide range of applications. The mechanical and physical properties of fluorosilicone are very similar to that of silicone rubber, but there are some important differences to note. For example, fluorosilicone rubber offers improved resistance to fuel and mineral oils, but compared with silicone, possesses poor resistance to heated air and gases.
Ningbo Sunshine uses fluorosilicone rubber to manufacture a wide range of products. These products work particularly well in applications where prolonged exposure to aromatic compounds, chlorinated solvents, oxidizing agents, and oils is prevalent.

Particular Benefits of Fluorosilicone Rubber

• Fluorosilicone rubber offers resistance to oxidizing chemicals, animal and vegetable oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated solvents The material is also resistant to diluted alkalies, diester oils, aliphatic and aromatic fluorocarbons, silicone oil, toluene, benzene, ozone and oxidative environments.
• The material is very clean, possesses low odour and taste, and exhibits superior colour stability.
• Fluorosilicone rubber possesses excellent resistance to aging, weathering and sunlight.
• Fluorosilicone rubber exhibits superior extreme low-high temperature performance.
• The material exhibits excellent flexibility and resistance to compression set.

Fluorosilicone rubber is not well suited to dynamic sealing applications. The material has limited physical strength and is a poor choice where resistance to abrasion is desired. When exposed to abrasive materials and compounds, the material tends to wear and degrade quickly. In addition, certain compounds, such as brake fluids, amines and ketones, attack fluorosilicone rubber: its use should therefore be avoided in applications involving these substances. Another limitation of fluorosilicone rubber is that it is permeable to most vapours and gases.

Application of Fluorosilicone Rubber

At Ningbo Sunshine, we work with fluorosilicone rubbers and sponges to produce a wide array of products, including the following:
• Molded O rings, grommets, bumpers, diaphragms, stripping, and specialty seals, shapes and profiles for automotive applications. The ability of fluorosilicone to withstand prolonged exposure to aggressive automotive fluids, fuels and oils, makes it a common material solution for turbocharger hoses, fuel systems and transmission seals.
• Gaskets for industrial and automotive fluid sealing applications, especially those involving fuels and oils.
• Custom rubber molded and fabricated products.

What is Fluorosilicone Rubber